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How to Install New Relic?

1. Create a New Relic Account:

  • Go to the official New Relic website.
  • Create an account and log in.

2. Obtain a License Key:

  • Create an application from your New Relic account.
  • Obtain a specific "License Key" for your application.

3. Download the New Relic Agent:

  • Download the appropriate agent from your New Relic account. For example, download the Java agent for Java applications, the PHP agent for PHP applications, and so on.

4. Install the Agent on the Server:

  • Connect to your server via SSH.
  • Install the downloaded agent on your server.

Example (for PHP):

tar -zxvf newrelic-php-<version>-linux.tar.gz cd newrelic-php-<version>-linux sudo ./newrelic-install install

5. Configure New Relic:

  • After installing the agent, you typically need to edit a configuration file to specify the License Key and other settings.

Example (for PHP):

sudo nano /etc/php/7.4/cli/conf.d/newrelic.ini

Add the following lines to the file:

extension=newrelic.so newrelic.license = "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY"

6. Restart the Web Server:

  • If you are using a web server (Apache, Nginx, etc.), restart the server to apply the changes.

Example (for Apache):

sudo service apache2 restart

Example (for Nginx):

sudo service nginx restart

7. Check in the New Relic Dashboard:

  • Log in to your New Relic account and check the application data in the dashboard.

Please note that these steps are a general guide and may vary based on the Linux distribution and the type of application being used. Reviewing the official documentation from New Relic will guide you through the correct steps for your specific use case.

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