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Service Agreement

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It is a Virtual Distance Sales Agreement between TEKNOSOS BİLİŞİM HİZMETLERİ and the Customer.


"Teknosos" / "Teknosos Bilişim Hizmetleri", which operates as a service provider on the electronic environment, and the person who receives service from it, places orders, receives support and has all its activities provided by the service provider, will be referred to as "Service Receiver and CUSTOMER" in the continuation of the contract.


The content of this contract includes elements that will help the CUSTOMER to be careful about the uses offered by the service provider and at the same time contribute to the CUSTOMER knowing his rights.


The validity period of this contract is determined by the CUSTOMER by placing an order with the service provider and making the payment using the service provider's payment channels (Online Payment / Money Order & EFT / ) or by committing to do so without making payment and choosing the period of the service to be received (Monthly / Quarterly / It starts to be valid after 6 Months/1 Year/2 Years/3 Years). When the service period ends, the validity of the contract expires when the CUSTOMER has no remaining amount to pay.


CUSTOMER shall use the Physical Server sent to TEKNOSOS to host and use it and/or the services belonging to TEKNOSOS (HOSTING, RESELLER, VIRTUAL SERVER, PHYSICAL SERVER, MAIL SERVER, IP ADDRESS) and other than the general services in parentheses, included in the other contract. Those who have not purchased but declare that they have read and accepted the terms of use of all services sold by TEKNOSOS electronically.

By confirming the preliminary information electronically, the CUSTOMER, before concluding distance contracts; It confirms that the address, basic features of the ordered products and services, payment price including taxes and payment information are correct and complete.


The Physical Server sent to be hosted and used by the CUSTOMER will be hosted securely on the cabinet served by TEKNOSOS. As a result of the orders and payments made by the CUSTOMER to use the services belonging to and provided by TEKNOSOS, TEKNOSOS will deliver the products and services of the CUSTOMER to the e-mail address in the CUSTOMER record created by the CUSTOMER on the website www.teknosos.com.tr. is sending.


TEKNOSOS will provide the services ordered upon the CUSTOMER's request, if the payment is made in advance. For payments that are not made in cash, TEKNOSOS is not obliged to wait until the day the CUSTOMER undertakes to pay and is not obliged to provide service.

After the orders placed by the CUSTOMER electronically, TEKNOSOS will deliver the product to the e-mail address on the registration created by the CUSTOMER on the website of TEKNOSOS and start the service. CUSTOMER is responsible for any damages that may occur due to incorrect e-mail or personal information regarding the delivered product.

Within the limits of the services it provides, TEKNOSOS will receive CUSTOMER's technical problems in writing through www.teknosos.com.tr, where it operates, under the "Support Request" section, and will respond to the received requests under the "Support Request" section. The scope of technical support is limited only to the service provided.

In the operating systems valid for physical and virtual servers, software and services installed by the CUSTOMER other than the operating system included in the service delivered by TEKNOSOS are outside the scope of technical support.

In order for the CUSTOMER to hold TEKNOSOS responsible for these services, it must have purchased the MANAGED SERVER service. The CUSTOMER receiving the service must comply with the technical support conditions in the contract offered by TEKNOSOS.

During the service it provides, TEKNOSOS is responsible for any backbone problems occurring on the network it serves, server malfunctions, malfunctions and maintenance works caused by the data center or the CUSTOMER, etc. is not responsible for any resulting interruptions.

Based on this article, no responsibility is accepted because the care in carrying out the maintenance work is done to ensure that the CUSTOMER receives better service.

In case of BACKUP in the services it provides, TEKNOSOS offers free backup service only on HOSTING and RESELLER services upon request. PHYSICAL SERVER, VIRTUAL SERVER etc. The services do not offer any free, optional backup service. All backups within these services belong to the CUSTOMER. TEKNOSOS will not be responsible for any data lost due to hardware problems and will be considered as the problem of the customer who has a backup obligation.

In TEKNOSOS backup services, only if the backup service, which is among the adjustable and customizable services included in the services received, is received, the CUSTOMER will receive backups and can be held responsible for any problems that may occur.

TEKNOSOS also offers free HOSTING backups, and since it provides services without charge due to its own request, it cannot be responsible for missing backups or deleting the desired backup, etc. will not be responsible for force majeure.

Backup: Backup is taken once in 1 - 7 days. Backups are taken weekly. Missing backup or deleting the desired backup, etc. will not be responsible for force majeure.


Pursuant to this Agreement, the parties may share personal data directly related to the establishment of the agreement.

It may be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 dated 24.03.2016. In this sense, the Customer's TR ID number, name and surname, e-mail address, address; If the CUSTOMER is a legal entity, tax office and tax number information are also obtained. This information is used for the establishment and execution of the contract.

It is the necessary information for; The contract is activated electronically by approving the statement "I have read and accept the contract while receiving service".

CUSTOMER accepts and undertakes to use the services purchased in accordance with the TERMS OF SERVICE USE available on teknosos.com.tr.

Included in the service; All problems that arise regarding the installation and adjustment of information, documents, software, licenses and the use of software are the responsibility of the customer, and TEKNOSOS cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for problems that occur within all these details.

TEKNOSOS cannot be held responsible in any way for the presence or hosting of 3rd party services, harmful contents, shares, elements that are outside the laws of the Republic of Turkey, within the web hosting and server services received by the CUSTOMER. In case of problems arising from these reasons, the CUSTOMER accepts that the contract is valid. declares. TEKNOSOS declares that it will forward customer information to the necessary institutions and organizations in order to resolve the problems that occur.

CUSTOMER cannot send unauthorized e-mails (SPAM) or phishing in any way, even if the server belongs to him/her. Even if it is beyond the CUSTOMER's control, teknosos.com.tr has the right to suspend the service without notice when necessary.

Teknosos has the right not to activate the service it has closed due to illegal transactions made by the customer. The customer is obliged to cover the financial damage caused by misusing Teknosos products.

CUSTOMER does not have the right to request a backup for the suspended and outdated service, but can access and access system files in case of renewing the product and service.

Based on this, if TEKNOSOS detects that the services received contain content that does not comply with the above-mentioned Turkish laws, it may be suspended without the need for any warning.

CUSTOMER accepts and undertakes that if the CUSTOMER violates the rules, TEKNOSOS has the right to take necessary interventions, remove the member from the service and terminate his membership without any warning.


CUSTOMER can make TRANSFER/EFT to the bank accounts on the order screen or "teknosos.com.tr/hesap-numaralarimiz.html" for the service he/she will receive, Online Payment via Papara on the order screen, before receiving the service. must pay in advance.

TEKNOSOS will contact the customer in case of problems that occur when the payment is received by the CUSTOMER but the payment is not made within the promised time period by the CUSTOMER. If the CUSTOMER submits a time period beyond the promised time period, TEKNOSOS may apply a 10% delay interest to the CUSTOMER due to the exchange rate difference that occurs during the service and support provided.

If the default interest rate to be applied in commercial transactions under the Law No. 3095 on Legal Interest and Default Interest is higher than the interest rate accepted by this article, the Parties agree that the default interest rate to be applied in commercial transactions in accordance with the law will be applied as the default interest rate. The Customer declares, accepts and undertakes to pay interest, attorney fees and all other legal expenses in advance, without the need for a separate notice or notice, in accordance with the provision of this agreement, in case TEKNOSOS files a lawsuit or enforcement proceeding for any receivables arising from this agreement. .

TEKNOSOS offers refunds for web hosting services within 3 business days. TEKNOSOS does not provide refunds for promotional products. The service to be refunded must not be damaged in any way by the CUSTOMER. Failure of TEKNOSOS to intervene in cases that are not within the scope of TECHNICAL SUPPORT as a result of mistakes made by the CUSTOMER will not be counted as a reason for return.

In accordance with the service contract, the scope of TECHNICAL SUPPORT is mentioned in detail and it is declared that it is accepted and undertaken by the customer when he approves the service contract.

CUSTOMER can access all general content regarding REFUND through the product return agreement on teknosos.com.tr. This article included in the service contract is presented to the CUSTOMER for informational purposes only. CUSTOMER, who states that he accepts the service agreement, also acknowledges that he has read the product return agreement.

8. Resource Usage
1.1 100% or more of the resources of the system used in service procurement cannot be used for 180 seconds or more. Sites with 100% continuous usage are reduced to a hard limit of 25% processor. Limits vary depending on the given CPU and features.
1.2 Content that is unrelated to the website cannot be kept other than the website content. Files larger than 10 MB are automatically deleted.
1.3 Personal contents cannot be stored under the image, video, music gallery.
1.4 It cannot be used for archival purposes for any kind of content.
1.5 Files intended for sharing cannot be hosted (files with extensions such as zip, rar, etc.)
1.6 Backups of websites with a disk usage size of 10GB or more are not taken by the system.
1.7  There is a limit of 2 operating system installations on virtual servers, you can send a support ticket to reset the format limit.
1.8 Server hosting, server rental and 24/7 upload and download operations on virtual servers are not allowed. Services that provide 24/7 upload and download operations are suspended.
1.9 Unlimited traffic on server hosting, server rental and virtual servers is offered within the fair usage quota, 24/7 use with high traffic cannot be provided. The line is offered at 100 Mbps free of charge. It cannot be used 24/7 at 100 mbps. If the user uses 100mbps 24/7, he/she must purchase an additional traffic package.
1.10 We periodically check all server resources and primarily examine the disk usage of websites over 10 GB. We inform our users about illegal practices and ask them to eliminate the negative conditions.


CUSTOMER purchases online and via EFT/Money Transfer, which is valid for all purchases made on TEKNOSOS.

In online payment transactions, TEKNOSOS, which has an automated invoice system, does not reflect any amount to the customer in their online payments.

TEKNOSOS collects and reflects the deductions made by the intermediary virtual POS company by deducting the online payment deduction amount from the overpayment or balance transactions made by the CUSTOMER via MONEY ORDER / EFT methods.


Current TAX LAWS valid in the Republic of Turkey apply to your purchases made through teknosos.com.tr, where TEKNOSOS provides services.

In addition to all services, 18% VAT is charged. Current pricing and situations arising from changes in tax laws are outside the responsibility of TEKNOSOS and are reflected in the contract exactly.


Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this agreement. In addition, the parties accept notifications to be made to the address and e-mail address they provide within the scope of this agreement; They undertake to notify the other party of any changes in their contact information within 7 days at the latest. Otherwise, notifications or e-mail notifications to be sent to the addresses given during the contract will be deemed to have been delivered to the other party.