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Personal Data and General Confidentiality Agreement

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This confidentiality and security agreement contains explanations regarding information collection and distribution on teknosos.com.tr and TEKNOSOS websites.

TEKNOSOS records the IP Addresses of all users and registered customers who access the internet address with the LOG system and will use them to solve the problems that occur. There is a cookie system in our system to monitor security and prevent the same content from being seen.

CUSTOMERS, in the content of the form on the membership registration screen (name, address, telephone, e-mail, date of birth,

identification number), if the person has a legal personality based on these, (tax number, tax office) fields must be filled. Filling in these fields, the financial information received by Teknosos will be used to collect the price of the products and services purchased and in other legal cases where necessary.
TEKNOSOS will not use, share or sell any customer information on the system, except for its own organizations.

TEKNOSOS will not go beyond any area that is included in the confidentiality and security agreement and will not be responsible for situations such as obtaining information, changing it or interfering with its services due to a possible customer weakness.


There are security measures implemented by our company to prevent loss of information, unauthorized use and unauthorized modification of information on our site. These security measures are:

When obtaining new information as a result of forgetting existing membership information, you can photograph the front and back of your T.R. ID card and send it to us via e-mail or support request.
Presence of unchangeable fields in your profile information.
Storage and storage of the content of the notifications you have sent with a support request.
Keeping and keeping records of all correspondence and conversations you have with us.
Storing the e-mail contents sent to you and sent by you.
Protecting your access to our site with an SSL certificate.
Editing and Deletion of Information

Our customers have the right to edit all their personal and corporate information registered on our system at any time. Our company can make the necessary examination to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, the information of our individual or corporate customers registered in our system cannot be deleted from our system during the period required by law due to legal obligation, even if they terminate their products, services or services.

At the end of the mandatory period, our individual or corporate customers may request the deletion of their information. For this, an e-mail should be sent to [email protected] informing the situation.

Customers' credit card information is not stored by us for payments made via online payment, and no information can be accessed.