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Wordpress Compatible Hosting

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What is WordPress?
Worpdress is the simplest and easiest way to create your own website or blog. An open source website that is used by about a third of Internet websites is content management software. It is free to use. It is developed and supported by tens of thousands of developers on the Internet.

You don't need to be a professional
WordPress is very simple to use .. It is the most understandable among WordPress CMS systems and it is the most suitable software for publishing content. You can create your content and start publishing immediately. If you do not have experience in creating a website before, you can create your website with a few simple steps.

Thousands of Free Themes and Plugins
WordPress is a versatile application. You can realize your blogs, personal websites, company and e-commerce based many different purpose oriented transactions with WordPress CMS services.

You can get the plugin developed by tens of thousands of users and companies around the world free of charge and you can get Professional WordPress Themes and Applications in very appropriate numbers.

Why Teknosos WordPress Hosting?

High Performance Servers
Our WordPress Hosting packages, which run on 100% Samspung Pro SSD infrastructure, are designed to provide continuous high performance. You can speed up your WordPress site up to x6-8 times with the Free LSCache module, which works fully compatible with the Litespeed Web Server that we have provided for our WordPress Packages.

One Click Wordpress Installation
Wordpress installation, you can set up your site with a single operation through the hosting management panel and add and remove plugins.

Free Site Migration
We know how laborious it is to move a site from one server to another server. It is possible to encounter many problems such as DNS definitions, Email settings, PHP version conflicts.

We carry the websites of our customers who want to switch to Teknosos.com.tr quality free of charge.

Thousands of Happy WordPress Users
We have been providing support since WordPress was first launched. When it comes to High Performance and hassle-free Worpdress Hosting, we are pleased to be the first hosting company that comes to mind.